Exclusive dreams

Discover your own island of comfort in the very centre of Wrocław. You will find it in the calming vicinity of rivers, among green trees, far from the street hustle. The excellently designed interiors will seduce you with their discreet elegance and the neighbourhood will provide you with everything you may dream of in a city.

Atmo combines momentum with a creative use of the existing space. The unique location on Kępa Mieszczańska, the nearby park and the heritage of old developments has created a one of a kind investment. At the meeting point of zones of relaxation, culture and entertainment, a new quality is being born – feel it and live in Atmo.

Well designed comfort

Atmo includes two six-floor buildings. There will be 113 apartments of various sizes – from ergonomic studios to spacious five-room apartments. The well-designed apartment layouts guarantee broad arrangement possibilities, irrespective of the size. Some windows will overlook a park bordering the investment. Most of the apartments have at least one balcony or loggia and future ground-floor residents will enjoy a piece of greenery in their private gardens plus the joy of having a view on the park.

There will be 136 parking spaces in a comfortable underground garage. Cyclists will find dedicated racks for their bicycles. There will also be open bicycle parks by the buildings. Round-the-clock monitoring will ensure security for residents. External roller blinds will installed in the windows of ground-floor apartments.

Atmo takes the best of large city locations caring for the inhabitants’ needs.

Simply together

The well-designed space helps develop relationships. This is why the authors of Atmo have devoted so much attention to common spaces. In the restored part of the building there will be space available for inhabitants that can be used as a co-working zone. You may take your laptop and come down to work in comfort. No one should feel offended if you turn up in your slippers and bathrobe. This is the place where you can meet your neighbours, chat over a coffee or play a board game.

The development of a local community will also be supported with a green patio with benches and climatic lighting. Also the façade will be lit to expose the open and friendly atmosphere of the investment.


direct neighbourhood
to a new city park

modern architecture
with loft elements

comfortable apartments
with functional layouts

balconies, terraces,
private gardens on the ground floor


external roller blinds
on the ground floor

air conditioning

effective illumination
of the façade

atmospheric lighting
of staircases

attractive visual identification
of common spaces

residents’ club

green patio (ECO)

bicycle racks (ECO)

Over 170 years of experience in the world and 30 years in Poland.

So far Eiffage has carried out over 670 construction projects throughout Poland, including the multifunctional OVO Wrocław complex with Hotel Double Tree by Hilton, POSNANIA gallery in Poznań, the European Tale Centre in Pacanów, the Aquarion Hotel in Zakopane or the Trespian apartment building in Wrocław.

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