Secrets of a city island

Kępa Mieszczańska is a place that hides numerous secrets. For years it was a major economic base for Wrocław. In the 16th century it was inhabitated mainly by fishermen and raftsmen. The island was a city port and shooting range and in the 17th century valuable cargoes of salt and iron were stored there. Over 250 years ago a sugar refinery was built there. The last major project in the area was a barracks for 3000 soldiers, developed in the 18th century.

Now the history of the island is being re-written. Prestigious residential facilities are being developed as well as attractive green areas. Riverside boulevards are revitalised and local squares invite one to take a break. With new investments, a new mini district is being developed on the island – one of the most attractive places to live in Wrocław.

On the foundations of the past

In such an extraordinary location, respect for cultural heritage is of special importance. The authors of Atmo understand that very well. The investment makes use of materials from the past and gives them new life. The former military stable building is incorporated into the residential building. In this way the new will be in harmony with the old and history will remain for new generations.