A relaxation zone

Atmo will be a retreat for those who live a full city life and also appreciate close space and moments to relax in nature. The neighbouring park will become a favourite place to spend free time and a paradise for those who enjoy active leisure.

An entertainment zone

Just 20 minutes is enough to get to the Old Town. This is the heart of Wrocław that never sleeps. Numerous clubs, restaurants and cafés teem with life day and night. In the Old Town and around there are cinemas, galleries, theatres and concert halls. This is the most entertaining and most representative part of the city.

A zone of culture

The capital of Lower Silesia is a true fount of artistic activities. Museums, theatres, cinemas, libraries, local centres or galleries are open for guests and continue to offer new attractions. Film lovers will need little more than a 10-minute walk to get from Atmo to the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema. Theatre lovers will be interested in the repertoire of the nearby Teatr Współczesny. On the other hand, the northern bank of the river is a completely different world. In the shadows of the monumental chimneys of a local power plant there is a mosaic of pre-war tenement houses, paved streets and the hidden yards of Nadodrze. Today it is a fashionable place, it is here that young artists open their shops and there are traditional handicraft shops. At every step, you can find small art galleries and multiple murals.

A simple living zone

Urban transport stops, railway station, shops and shopping centres, schools, kindergartens, health clinics – everything you need is within easy reach. Living at Atmo you have a comfortable life at your fingertips.

Widok z drona

Atmo w liczbach

surface area from 26 to145 m²
parking spaces
in the underground garage

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